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Is it time for your company to start digital marketing? We’ve made a quick high-level checklist of things to think about that your company should have in place to make sure you capitalize on every opportunity when marketing online.
Do you have a website set up?
  • A company’s online presence¬†is usually the first place potential customers go to find information about you.
  • Your website creates a channel for customer engagement. These are opportunities for interaction including requesting a quote, finding your contact information to reach out, and making purchases.
  • This online presence also creates a competitive advantage. By correctly setting up your website’s user experience to reflect¬†company goals, you project a stronger company image and you can learn valuable information about your customer through different data services.
Do you have your Social Media ready?
  • Each social media channel provides a unique opportunity to reach your customers.
  • Facebook: View this as the “Digital Storefront” of your company. People can walk by and see in the windows, see your hours, how to get there, etc. Very similar to your website.
  • Twitter: This is an excellent channel to provide customer service through direct communication from your customers.
  • Instagram: This is where you can inspire and show your customers what your brand is about. Think lifestyle photos that represent what your brand stands for.
  • There are others such as Pinterest, Snapchat, Tik Tok, etc that all provide a slightly different experience. The best way to choose what platform is right for you is to look at your customer demographic and see which platforms user demographics line up closest to yours.
Do you have your content ready?
  • Content refers to images and videos to convey your messaging to your potential customers. This content is best used when it supports different touchpoints of your online strategy.
  • We recommend having at least a few of the following:
  • Brand Video: This gives a high-level overview of what your company is doing. It is quick and to the point. Think TV commercial.
  • Explainer Video: Depending on your company’s offering, this explains what it is or how it works.
  • Highlight Videos: These are quick videos that highlight specific features of your product or service. This can also include any sales or special events.
  • Various Images: These include professional product photos and pictures that represent your brand to your customer. These can be used in posts on social media as well as advertisements to create awareness.
If you have all or some of these things ready we can help mold them into a cohesive online strategy for your company. We would love to help you to determine your approach to reaching new customers and markets online.

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