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Personalities are based on characteristics and behavioral patterns that influence an individual’s decision-making and outlook on life. Let’s be honest: Most of us have taken Facebook quizzes to learn what kind of personality we have based on our selection of flowers, dogs, colors, etc. Facebook is one of the most successful companies in the world to collect consumer data, at this point you may be asking yourself how.

Unfortunately, we are too consumed in taking those two-minute quizzes to notice that we are voluntarily providing valuable consumer behavior data. For example, the selection of colors you make out of a block of hues is strategically used for personality-based marketing. With this data, marketers can more precisely understand your purchasing habits and tailor the sales approach to each personality. Explore The Color Code by Taylor Hartman, Ph.D., to discover your color and understand the four basic personalities.

Hartman’s theory presents the idea that everyone in the world has one dominant color, either red, blue, yellow, or white. He links those colors with four basic personalities centered around the core motives of power, intimacy, fun, or peace. Reds are motivated by power and appreciate directness, facts, and figures. Blues long for intimacy and thrive on building sincere relationships. Yellows are motivated by fun –they live in the moment and are social butterflies. Whites are driven by peace –they listen well and possess high empathy skills. A person has a combination of all four but will only have one dominant color. If you haven’t taken the color code test, we highly recommend you click the link at the end of the blog to find your dominant color. Once you have taken the test, refer to the infographic that has been provided to learn more about your personality. Please keep in mind that not every trait or bullet point necessarily applies to you.

The Color Code is a great tool to enrich your interpersonal skills as a businessperson. Educate yourself on the different personalities and learn to adjust your communication style to each one. How you approach clients based on their personality shapes their views and feelings toward your company, product, or brand. If a customer visits a car dealership looking for a specific model, doesn’t need help, seems impatient or demanding, you should know they are a dominant red. Cut to the chase and avoid any unnecessary talk, be brief yet specific and present figures. If you are pitching to a blue, you need to be sincere, trustworthy and spend time building rapport by listening to them. As a sales representative or business professional recognizing dominant personality traits is beneficial to you. Utilize this knowledge to make your next sale.

In conclusion, Hartman’s theory can be used to improve communication with the ones around you. Take this knowledge and apply it by making your friends and family take it. Practice tailoring your communication style to complement a variety of personalities. Whether you are a marketer trying to understand purchasing behaviors or a husband working to improve the communication in your marriage, learn to adjust according to colors.

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